git clone 'https://github.com/Wukix/wu-sugar.git'

(ql:quickload :wu-sugar)

wu-sugar is a small Common Lisp utility library to cut down on keystrokes. It might be similar in spirit to Alexandria, but is very minimalist.

The following functions are defined: * &: sugar for (concatenate 'string …) * join: concatenates strings, joining them by a separator character * split: splits a string (e.g. a comma-separated string) * starts-with-p: tests if a sequence begins with a particular subsequence * ends-with-p: tests if a sequence ends with a particular subsequence * file-to-string: reads a file's contents into a string * string-to-file: writes a string's contents into a file * format-universal-time-iso: a format function to print iso/rfc dates * universal-time-to-iso: returns an iso/rfc formatted date string