git clone 'https://github.com/orthecreedence/wookie.git'

(ql:quickload :wookie)


Wookie is pleased. We shall prosper. Wookie is an asynchronous HTTP server written in common lisp. It is in beta at the moment. Wookie is named after my dog who is extremely tempermental, image-conscious, and makes sounds like a wookie when you squeeze him. He views himself as royalty, and we are all forever in his debt for his invaluable gift of existing on the same planet as us. This project is dedicated to him.

Originally, the goal was to port Hunchentoot to async, but Wookie took a divergent turn and is now its own project.


I finally decided to get the Wookie doc site up and running. Not only does it document Wookie, but it's built on top of Wookie and can be used for reference by browsing the source.


Wookie is dual-licensed under Wookie-MIT (MIT under the terms that you swear unconditional compliance and servitude to the dog, Wookie, and accept him as your king) and vanilla MIT (see the LICENSE file).