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(ql:quickload :trivial-rfc-1123)


Parses dates in RFC-1123 format. Like this: CL-USER> (ql:quickload :trivial-rfc-1123) CL-USER> (t1123:parse-date "Fri, 16 Jul 2010 02:33:50 -0500") 3488254430 The code is taken directly from drakma and shoehorned to be standalone library for minimal applications requiring date parsing.

According to the authors, the following formats will be parsed:

    Wed, 06-Feb-2008 21:01:38 GMT
    Wed, 06-Feb-08 21:01:38 GMT
    Tue Feb 13 08:00:00 2007 GMT
    Wednesday, 07-February-2027 08:55:23 GMT
    Wed, 07-02-2017 10:34:45 GMT

date-parse-error condition will be raised in case of problems.