git clone ''

(ql:quickload :staple)

About Staple

Staple is yet another Common Lisp documentation generation application. It uses Clip and lQuery to do most of the work. The main features include automatic package symbol index processing, documentation gathering from related files and generation through expressive templates.

How To

Load Staple through ASDF or Quicklisp:

(ql:quickload :staple)

Generating documentation is a single command away:

(staple:generate :my-asdf-system)

This should create an about.html file within the source directory of the asdf-system you specified. By default staple uses the same name as the asdf system for the package index, but you may specify your package/s directly too if they differ using the :PACKAGES argument.

Staple automatically searches your source directory for documentation files (like to include into the finished file. You may however specify your own file or a string directly with the :DOCUMENTATION argument. Staple currently only parses Markdown files to HTML, but you may extend it with other formats by adding a parse-documentation-file method.

The template used to generate everything is a Clip document. Understanding how it works and throwing together your custom layout to use should not be hard. For a full understanding of the system however please read the Clip documentation.

Documentation Browser

Staple includes a server so that you can view the documentation and symbol index of all available ASDF systems on the fly.

(ql:quickload :staple-server)

Depending on how many systems you have loaded, starting the server may take a while as it produces a cache of all documentation pages. Once it's done, visit the url in the message. If you change the systems and want to view the updated documentation, use staple-server:recache.