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                      SOFTWARE EVOLUTION
 programmatic modification and evaluation of extant software

The SOFTWARE EVOLUTION library enables the programmatic modification and evaluation of extant software.

A common interface abstracts over multiple types of software objects including abstract syntax trees parsed from source code, LLVM IR, compiled assembler, and linked ELF binaries. Mutation and evaluation methods are implemented on top of this interface supporting Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE) techniques.

This library has been used to optimize benchmark programs (see and to patch vulnerabilities in closed source binaries (see

See the info manual for more information. Available in the doc/ directory and at

Please cite Eric Schulte's Ph.D. dissertation when you publish results that you have obtained with the SOFTWARE EVOLUTION library.

@phdthesis{schulte2014dissertation, author = {Eric Schulte}, title = {Neutral Networks of Real-World Programs and their Application to Automated Software Evolution}, school = {University of New Mexico}, address = {Albuquerque, USA}, month = {July}, year = {2014}, note = {} }