git clone 'https://github.com/triclops200/quickapp.git'

(ql:quickload :quickapp)


A common lisp project for generating template projects that use sbcl and buildapp

See https://github.com/triclops200/quickapp-cli for the command line standalone utility.

Exmaple usage

(ql:quickload :quickapp)
          :project-name "test-project" 
          :executable-name "test.out" 
          :project-description "This is a sample test project" 
          :project-author "YOUR NAME HERE" 
          :dependencies '(:sdl2 :cl-openal))

This creates the needed files and Makefile as well as a template project.

For easy interactive development in slime, just do (assuming one is in their generated project directory): lisp (load "slime.lisp") (in-package :<YOUR PACKAGE NAME>)

Arg parsing utilities

This library also contains two functions for dealing with argument handling for the generated application: (quickapp:parse-args) and (quickapp:generate-flag-string).

An example usage is shown below

(defun -main (&optional args)
  "Entry point"
  (let* ((arg-defs '(("h" "help" "Display this help menu")
              ("d" "dependencies" "(:dep1 [:dep2 ...])" "The dependencies")
              ("p" "project-name" "NAME" "The project name")
              ("a" "project-author" "NAME" "The name of the author")
              ("s" "project-description" "DESCRIPTION" "The project description")
              ("e" "executable-name" "NAME" "The executable name")))
         (parsed-args (quickapp:parse-args arg-defs (cdr args))))
      (if (or (/= (length (first parsed-args)) 1)
              (assoc "help" (second parsed-args) :test #'string=))
          (progn (format t "Usage: ~a PROJECT-PATH [OPTIONS]~%OPTIONS:~%~a~%~a~%~a~a~%~a~%~a~%"
                   (first args)
                   (quickapp:generate-flag-string arg-defs)
                   "Example Usage: " (first args) " test-project \\"
                   "  -d\"(:sdl2 :cl-opengl)\" \\"
                   "  --project-author=cluser"))
          (format t "~a~%" parsed-args))))

Running that application with the –help flag results in: ``` Usage: ./quickapp PROJECT-PATH [OPTIONS] OPTIONS: -h –help Display this help menu -d –dependencies=(:dep1 [:dep2 …]) The dependencies -p –project-name=NAME The project name -a –project-author=NAME The name of the author -s –project-description=DESCRIPTION The project description -e –executable-name=NAME The executable name

Example Usage: ./quickapp test-project \ -d“(:sdl2 :cl-opengl)” \ –project-author=cluser Running this command: `./quickapp test-project -d"(:sdl2 :cl-opengl)" --project-author=cluser` results in this list returned as parsed-args lisp ((“test-project”) ((“project-author” . “cluser”) (“dependencies” . “(:sdl2 :cl-opengl)”))) ```


Licensed under Modified BSD License.

See License.txt for more details.