git clone ''

(ql:quickload :myweb)

myweb - simple web server written in common lisp for educational reasons (tested on sbcl but should work with other implementations)

Author: Dmitry Geurkov <>

Licensed under LGPL v3 (see LICENSE file)

Meaning? It was written so that i could become more acquainted with Common Lisp It doesn't support parsing of POST requests (if you need it you can implement it) It's not 100% accurate and it might be buggy so it's not for a production use It's not striving to become anything more than a hobby

Things you need sbcl (or any other Common Lisp implementation) quicklisp (will download all needed dependencies for you)

Depends on swank usocket bordeaux-threads trivial-utf-8 cl-log local-time

To start type sbcl –load load.lisp

And then to start web server type (myweb:start-http “localhost” 8080)

Open your browser at http://localhost:8080

Additional start options you can specify worker limit (maximum number of threads that will process http requests) and idle worker number using (myweb:start-http “localhost” 8080 :worker-limit 100 :idle-workers 10)

Where do i start if i want to have my code? Well first of all you should see handler.lisp This file contains all request processing logic and you can modify it to suite your needs

What encondings it support? well since it uses trivial-utf-8 it supports only utf-8 enconding sorry

How can i test load on it? well if you have apache2 installed you could try doing ab -n 10000 -c 10 http://localhost:8080

How can i log something when i'm processing my request? Use myweb.util:log-info myweb.util:log-warning and myweb.util:log-error functions