git clone ''

(ql:quickload :lisp-unit)


lisp-unit is a Common Lisp library that supports unit testing. It is an extension of the library written by Chris Riesbeck. There is a long history of testing packages in Lisp, usually called “regression” testers. More recent packages in Lisp and other languages have been inspired by JUnit for Java.

Documentation is located on the project wiki.



How to use lisp-unit

The core definitions of lisp-unit may be used by loading the single file ‘lisp-unit.lisp’. To use the extensions, lisp-unit must be loaded using either Quicklisp or ASDF.

  1. Load (or compile and load) as a single file : (load "lisp-unit").
  2. Load using Quicklisp : (ql:quickload :lisp-unit).
  3. Load using ASDF : (asdf:load-system :lisp-unit).

Version 0.9.5 Features

No new features, improved the usability based on user feedback. The list of tests or tags to the following functions is now optional and defaults to :ALL.

Version 1 Remaining Tasks

Future Features

0.9.5 Acknowledgments