git clone ''

(ql:quickload :lisp-gflags)

Lisp GFlags is a Common Lisp implementation of gflags, Google's command line flag parsing library. The library implements functionality similar to that of Google's C++ and Python gflags libraries, which live here:

The code allows you to define command line flags using the DEFINE-FLAG macro. For instance, the following form defines a boolean flag called DEBUG-FLAG that is set based on the presence of “–debug” in the application's command line.

(define-flag *debug-flag*
  :default-value nil
  :selector "debug"
  :type boolean
  :help "Turn on debugging mode?"
  :documentation "Is debugging mode turned on?")

If the command line contains “–debug” or “–debug=true”, then DEBUG-FLAG is set to T. Otherwise, it defaults to NIL.

The function PARSE-COMMAND-LINE is used to parse the command line and initialize flags. It returns the original command line with all recognized flags removed.

The file flag_test.lisp contains many examples.