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(ql:quickload :glass)


General Lisp Authentication Security Services (glass) is a Common Lisp GSS-compatible API. It provides a set of generic functions which systems providing authentication services should specialize. Users wishing to consume these services should use these rather than functions exported directly from the providing packages.

The supported authentication systems are Kerberos, NTLM and SPNEGO (Negotiate).

1. Introduction

The GSSAPI specifies a generalized mechanism for defining security service APIs. It is the most common way to consume Kerberos authentication.

2. Usage

This package provides a set of generic functions. Systems which provide security systems should provide methods for these generics.

2.1 Kerberos

Kerberos support is provided by cerberus.

;; client
CL-USER> (cerberus:logon-user "username@realm" "password" :kdc-address "")
CL-USER> (defvar *credentials* 
                 (gss:acquire-credentials :kerberos 
CL-USER> (multiple-value-bind (context buffer) (gss:initialize-security-context *context* :mutual t)
           (defvar *client-context* context)
           (defvar *buffer* buffer))

;; send the buffer to the application server
CL-USER> (cerberus:logon-service "host/" "password")
CL-USER> (defvar *server-credentials* (gss:acquire-credentials :kerberos nil))
CL-USER> (multiple-value-bind (context response-buffer) (gss:accept-security-context *server-credentials* *buffer*)
            (defvar *server-context* context)
            (defvar *response-buffer* response-buffer))

;; send the response buffer back to the client and pass to INITIALIZE-SECURITY-CONTEXT so the 
;; client can authenticate the server
CL-USER> (gss:initialize-security-context *client-context* :buffer *response-buffer*)

;; compute checksums
CL-USER> (gss:get-mic *client-context* #(1 2 3 4))
CL-USER> (gss:verify-mic *server-context* (gss:get-mic *client-context* #(1 2 3 4)))

;; encrypt message
CL-USER> (gss:wrap *client-context* #(1 2 3 4))
CL-USER> (gss:unwrap *server-context* (gss:wrap *client-context* #(1 2 3 4)))

2.2 NTLM

NTLM support is provided by ntlm. NTLM is a legacy protocol and is not recommended for use over unsecure networks, nevertheless it is often required for use with various Microsoft tools.

2.3 SPNEGO (Negotiate)

Negotiate support is provided by spnego. This system is essentially a wrapper around NTLM and Kerberos, with an initial negotiation stage to determine a mutually agreeable system.

3. License

Licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

Frank James May 2015.