git clone ''

(ql:quickload :form-fiddle)

About Form-Fiddle

Often times I need to destructure a form definition in a macro. This is a set of simple utilities to help with that.

How To

There's individual functions to extract each part of a lambda-definition-form: function, name, qualifiers, lambda-list, body, declarations, docstring and the forms. You can get all in one with split-lambda-form, or directly as a binding macro with with-destructured-lambda-form.

(split-lambda-form '(defun lambda-body (lambda-form)
                      (cddr lambda-form)))

(with-destructured-lambda-form (:forms forms)
    '(defmacro foo (bar)
       (declare (ignore bar))
       "Testing macro!"
       (print "test!"))

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