git clone ''

(ql:quickload :delorean)


A simple set of macros for mocking time


(deftest delorean ()
  (let ((point-in-time (local-time:now)))
    (with-frozen-clock point-in-time
      (sleep 2)
      (is (local-time:timestamp= (local-time:now) point-in-time))))

  (let ((same-time-tomorrow (local-time:timestamp+ (local-time:now) 1 :day)))
    (with-shifted-clock same-time-tomorrow
      (sleep 2)
      (is (local-time:timestamp= (local-time:now)
            (local-time:timestamp+ same-time-tomorrow 2 :sec) :nsec)))))

  (let ((now (local-time:now)))
    (with-scaled-clock 2
      (sleep 2)
      (is (local-time:timestamp= (local-time:now)
              (local-time:timestamp+ now 4 :sec) :nsec))))))

The respective clocks can be nested arbitrarily inside one-another.


Development of delorean is hosted on github at

To my knowledge, there is currently 1 user (i.e. me) so I'm just hacking directly on master. If you start to find it useful, let me know and we can formalize the release process a little but I don't foresee lots of changes. It's a pretty simple solution to a small problem.

Check out the Makefile for the details of how to build and test the software. It's shamelessly copied from cffi (Luís Oliveira is awesome). It also includes a target to build documentation using atdoc (David Lichteblau is also awesome).


What bugs? No really, if you find a bug, let me know by raising a github issue.