git clone ''

(ql:quickload :clickr)

Clickr & Automatr 0.2

Clickr is a high-level binding library of the Flickr API for Common Lisp. Automatr is an application for automating various tasks in Flickr which utilizes Clickr. I've written about both on my blog:

See below for how Clickr 0.2 differs from the description in my blog, which was written for version 0.1.

To use Clickr or Automatr for yourself, you'll need, apart from a Common Lisp implementation (I've only tested it on OpenMCL), the following packages:

Clickr itself is an ASDF package.

If you have ASDF-INSTALL, they should be downloaded automatically when you load Clickr.

You'll also need to get your own Flickr API key and shared secret to make Flickr API calls.

The function “request-authorization” in “flickr.lisp” uses this line to open a URL in a browser:

(run-program "open" (list url))

If you're using OpenMCL on a Mac this'll probably work for you. If you're not, change it to whatever will make your system open that URL.

Differences between Clickr 0.1 and 0.2

While Clickr 0.1 used a global variable to store your API key and shared secret, Clickr 0.2 lets you provide this data when you fetch a “root” object from Flickr. You'll still have problems if you want to use more than one API key in a Clickr session, but the interface is cleaner now and more extensible for future improvements.

What you'll need to do is get an “API info”. You can either create one yourself by calling MAKE-FLICKR-API-INFO, or you can let REQUEST-AUTHORIZATION create one for you.

You can then use that API info object to, for example, fetch a user via USER-WITH-NAME. The user object you'll get knows which API info was used to fetch it, so you won't have to specify it again if you want to get the user's photos, for example.


If you want to use Automatr you'll have to edit the rules in “automatr.lisp”. They should really be in a separate file, but I was too lazy to make it so. Most of the rules probably won't work for you because you're not a member of the groups in question, and some won't work for sure because you can't add photos to my sets. I suggest you delete all the rules and write one or two simple ones for yourself, so that you get a feel for how it works. It'll also speed Automatr up.

I use “load-flickr.lisp” to load the whole package (you'll have to insert you Flickr data there). To make Automatr do its thing, do

(defparameter my-actions (login-and-make-actions me))

After that you should have a file “actions.html” which contains a list of all the actions Automatr wants to carry out. To actually carry them out, do

(apply-actions my-actions)


Clickr and Automatr are free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The file `COPYING' contains the text of the license.

If you have comments, bug-fixes or improvements to Clickr or Automatr, please don't hesitate to email me!

Have fun!

– Mark Probst