git clone ''

(ql:quickload :cl-webkit)

cl-webkit - a binding to WebKitGTK+ for Common Lisp


cl-webkit is a binding to WebKitGTK+ for Common Lisp, currently targeting WebKit version 2. The WebKitGTK+ library adds web browsing capabilities to an application, leveraging the full power of the WebKit browsing engine.

API overview

The cl-webkit API closely follows the WebKit2 API, with the exception that class based interfaces are preferred over functional interfaces in cases where both are provided. That is, *_{new,get,set} methods are excluded in favour of make-instance and slot accessors wherever possible.

For documentation on how to use the WebKit2 API, please refer to the C API documentation.

Backwards compatibility (with older WebKit2 API versions) is not a priority. The binding targets the latest version of Webkit2Gtk+ available on mainstream distributions.


Build Status

The binding currently covers most of the WebKit 2.4 API.


To run the test-suite you also need a checkout of lisp-unit.


Assuming you have Quicklisp installed, do

$ git clone ~/common-lisp/quicklisp/local-projects/cl-webkit
$ lisp
* (ql:quickload :cl-webkit2)


Send patches via email or as pull requests on GitHub. Feel free to append your name to the list of CONTRIBUTORS.

A few things to keep in mind


See also


cl-webkit is distributed under the MIT license (see COPYING). Please note that this licence only covers the binding itself. Refer to the distribution terms of the third-party dependencies for details.