git clone ''

(ql:quickload :cl-sdl2-image)


This is a (currently) brief but usable wrap for SDL2_image. Currently, this exports the following:

These functions act more or less like their wrapped equivalents; see the SDL_image 2.0 documentation for details.


If you require further functions, please file an issue, pull request, or inquire in #lispgames on freenode.

If you can't load libSDL2_image, please ensure that you have SDL_image 2.0 installed, and not just 1.2. Earlier versions will not work correctly. In the case of Windows, please ensure this, along with SDL2's DLLs, are installed in the same directory as your Lisp .exe.

If you are sure all of this is correct, and it still will not load, please file an issue and specify: