git clone ''

(ql:quickload :cl-scrobbler)


cl-scrobbler is a Common Lisp library for scrobbling to

It was initially designed to make it trivial to build a plugin for shuffletron but it should be useful to other hackers interested in scrobbling via CL, for whatever reason.


You could git clone this library and make sure it's path on your computer is on your asdf:*central-registry* but I strongly recommend that you instead use Zach Beane's positively delightful quicklisp.

Getting Started

The Shuffletron Example

It is recommended to simply mirror the shuffletron plugin. Here's a handwavy explanation of that code:

You should set *song-time-fn* and *song-info-fn* so that the *last-seek* and *song-info* variables can be updated with the current track position and metadata, respectively. Then you can have hooks in your application to call maybe-queue-scrobble when a song ends, update-song-info when a song begins, and, if applicable, update-last-seek after a seek finishes and update-skipped after skipping the track.

Finally, you should fire off a thread to call scrobbler-init and scrobbler-loop which will do the work of creating or restoring the session key and cache and then scrobbling tracks when possible.