git clone ''

(ql:quickload :cl-libevent2)

Libevent2 bindings for Common Lisp

Please note that these bindings aren't fully documented, and unless someone actually wants to take on this task, they will most likely stay that way as they were built/generated as a means of driving cl-async.


Who needs documentation when you follow simple function-naming conventions?

That's actually it. For a reference on Libevent2 itself, see the libevent book and the libevent reference.


struct event *ev;
struct event_base *base = event_base_new();
ev = event_new(base, -1, 0, my_cb, 0);
event_active(ev, 0, 0);


(let* ((base (le:event-base-new))
       (ev (le:event-new base -1 0 (cffi:callback my-cb) (cffi:null-pointer))))
  (le:event-active ev 0 0)
  (le:event-base-dispatch base)
  (le:event-del ev))


If a new version of libevent comes out, you can regenerate these bindings by doing the following (if you have swig installed):

cd /path/to/cl-libevent2
vim scripts/bindings.i      # update "%include" paths to point at your libevent headers
./scripts/generate          # must be run in cl-libevent2 folder

This will generate new bindings in their entirety (it's fully automated).


As mentioned, these bindings were made specifically to be the backend for cl-async, and because of this, they do not (nor will they ever) have a higher-level interface. They are meant to be an extremely thin layer between Lisp and c/libevent.

MIT Licensed.