git clone ''

(ql:quickload :cl-flowd)


Common Lisp Netflow log reader for flowd logs.

The core of this code originally appeared in the mailling list. The original author is Ingvar Mattison. The code has been updated to work with modern flowd Netflow log files and extended functionality.

The functions prefixed with -v2 are for working with older flowd datastores. For modern installations of flowd the non prefixed versions of these functions should be used

API Documentaion

See source or quickdocs

Flowd Collector Info

This library uses Netflow collector Flowd which is available at:

Flowd can be build from tarball our Mecurial repo Tarball: Mecurial: hg clone

Buile Instructions: autoreconf configure make make install

Review ‘‘man flowd.conf’’ , ‘‘man flowd’’ and INSTALL for configuration


This dumps the contents of the flowd log as text to the console similar to the flow-reader, and programs

(with-open-log (flog "/var/log/flowd/flowd.bin") 
  (do ((f (read-flow flog) 
       (read-flow flog))) 
       ((eql f nil)) 
       (format-flow t f)))