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(ql:quickload :cl-fbclient)


Common Lisp library for working with firebird databases

Library is a set of classes and methods for working with firebird databases. Basic classes: - fb-database - fb-transaction - fb-statement - fb-error

Supported SQL-vars types: - float - double - integer - decimal(numeric) - varchar - timestamp - BLOB

———– Examples: ———–


(require 'cl-fbclient)

;; create an instance of the database and automatically connect to the database (defparameter db (make-instance 'cl-fbclient:fb-database :path “/path-to-db/db-file.fdb”))

;; query that returns no value ;; (transaction will be created, started and commited automatically) (cl-fbclient:fb-noresult-query db “INSERT INTO T1(A1,A2) VALUES(121, 42)”)

;; to query and write results to the list ;; (transaction will be created, started and commited automatically) (cl-fbclient:fb-query-fetch-all db “SELECT * FROM t1”)

;; disconnecting from DB (cl-fbclient:fb-disconnect db)

(require 'cl-fbclient)

(cl-fbclient:fb-with-database (DB :path “/path-to-db/db-file.fdb”) (cl-fbclient:fb-with-transaction (DB TR) (cl-fbclient:fb-query “SELECT * FROM T1” :tr TR) (cl-fbclient:fb-query “INSERT INTO T1(A1,A2) VALUES(121, 42)” :tr TR) (cl-fbclient:fb-query “SELECT * FROM T1” :tr TR)))

Third(even easier)
(require 'cl-fbclient)

(cl-fbclient:fb-with-database (DB :path “/path-to-db/db-file.fdb”) (cl-fbclient:fb-query “SELECT * FROM T1” :db DB) (cl-fbclient:fb-query “INSERT INTO T1(A1,A2) VALUES(121, 42)” :db DB) (cl-fbclient:fb-query “SELECT * FROM T1” :db DB))

Tested on: - SBCL(ubuntu) - CLISP(ubuntu) - SBCL-win32-threads (by akovalenko). (WindowsXP)

Documentation: cl-fbclient/wiki —————
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