git clone ''

(ql:quickload :cl-async)

cl-async - Asynchronous operations for Common Lisp

Cl-async is a library for general purpose, non-blocking programming in Common Lisp. Cl-async uses libuv as the backend, which is a fast, stable, portable library for asynchronous IO (used as the backend library in Node.js).

The main goal is to provide an experience that makes general asynchronous programming in lisp natural, and to also provide a number of drivers on top of cl-async.

NOTE: cl-async uses the v1.x branch of libuv, so make sure to grab that version of it (not the v0.10.x branch).


Please see the cl-async website for full documentation, examples, etc.

Quick links:


(ql:quickload :cl-async)

Please be aware that until cl-async v0.6.x is in quicklisp, you might want to git clone the master branch into quicklisp/local-projects/.


There is a fairly complete suite of tests in the cl-async-test package:

(ql:quickload :cl-async-test)
(cl-async-test:run-tests :ssl t)
(cl-async-test:run-tests :threading t)


As always, my code is MIT licensed. Do whatever the hell you want with it. Enjoy!