git clone ''

(ql:quickload :asdf-project-helper)


A project maintenance helper utilities with ASDF



Read a document file (included in source tree of your project) into a string.

e.g. (convert-from-document-file "readme.txt" :systemname)

You can specify file type with :type keyword to convert file format.

Supported file types are :plain-text (this is default) and :markdown.

e.g. (convert-from-document-file "" :systemname :type :markdown)

Note: :markdown is not supported on GNU CLISP environment because of troubles of CL-MARKDOWN package.


Wrapper of convert-from-document-file to update long-description field of a given system.

The rendered long-description will be cached into a file, “long-description.cache”.


(update-long-description "readme.txt" :systemname)

use case:

For example, making a Common Lisp project “foo” with ASDF.

file tree is as below;

    foo -+- foo.asd
         +- foo.lisp
         +- README.txt

If you want to include the contents of README.txt into the “long-description” field of the system foo, you can write a project file as below;

(defsystem foo
  :name "foo"
  :description "short description"
  ;; Use :defsystem-depends-on instead of :depends-on.
  :defsystem-depends-on (:asdf-project-helper)
  :components ((:file "foo")) )

(defmethod perform :after ((o load-op)
                           (c (eql (find-system :foo))) )
  (declare (ignore o c))
  ;; aph is a nickname of asdf-project-helper package
  (aph:update-long-description "README.txt" :foo) )      

And also, if you want to include the contents of README.txt into the documentation part of a main portion of the project (such as “function foo”), you can write a source code as below;

(defun foo (...)
  (declare ...)
  #.(aph:convert-from-document-file "README.txt" :foo)
  ... )


This project is under MIT license.